The Digital Age: Payments with Digital Wallet

The online environment and use of mobile payments for in-person transactions has changed how transactions are being made. New technologies are changing the way we view the transaction process as well as how we exchange money for goods and services. By incorporating these new ways to make safe and secure payments, businesses are able to expand their customer base and client portfolio.

Now, new technologies have opened up new payment methods at low-cost transaction rates so more freelancers and small business owners can accept credit and debit cards, use ACH and eCheck systems, incorporate digital wallets and even expand into new payment methods like cryptocurrency and eCash. To help you leverage the opportunities to attract more customers and clients who are seeking to use these types of payment methods, Cari offers a payment product designed to connect, share, and make payments possible across all platforms.

Digital wallets are providing a way to use smartphones as a wallet rather than to carry around physical forms of payment that put you at greater risk for theft or fraud. Along with debit and credit card information, these digital wallets are made to store loyalty cards, membership cards, and more. As a business owner, the ability to offer a digital wallet system for customers puts you at the forefront of your industry, giving you an advantage over the competition. You’ll be able to deliver greater convenience, security, and value by incorporating the digital wallet feature, helping customers make and share payments.

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Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime in our Marketplace

Payments used to be tied to our location. If you were paying for a product in a shop, you would need to produce cash, a check, or a debit or credit card. If you were working with a business and needed to send them an invoice, you would have to mail it and then wait to receive a paper check. Not anymore.

Today, location doesn’t matter because businesses are no longer anchored to a particular geography. Instead, we all work within a global business environment, accessing products and services from anywhere in the world so businesses need to offer a convenient and secure way to accept payment. Thanks to digital wallets, payment information, including financial and personal data, travels with us no matter where we are in the world.

This is where we answer those needs with a digital payment solution that allows you to send money instantly to anyone no matter where they are in the world using our Marketplace Platform. Here’s what we offer with our digital wallet technology:

  • A way to send money instantly to anyone through an easy-to-use payment portal that transfers money in as little as one business day;
  • A group payment option for splitting the cost of a product or service among many people; and
  • A social platform that encourages connection and engagement throughout the transaction process.

Numerous Features Boost Digital Payment Tool’s Value

As one tool within Cari’s Marketplace powerful payments platform, our digital wallet capability gives you many valuable features:

Easy installation and set-up

Encrypted personal and financial data

Seamless money transfer between accounts

Ability to use debit or credit cards, or bank account funds sent to the Marketplace digital wallet

Shared payments across multiple recipients

Online and offline payment capability

Cloud-based system

Technical support through live chat and telephone

The Benefits of a Digital Wallet for Your Business

Expand potential customer or client base.

Our payment method is so easy to use that others will willingly sign-up for it. All they have to do is create an account to claim a payment. It’s easy to find who has our payment app because it can sync with social media channels, email accounts, or phone contacts. Group payments mean that you can split the charges and still receive all the funds without any payment details being shared throughout the transaction process.

Keep customers in line to complete online transactions.

Numerous studies find that many consumers abandon their online shopping carts because they are frustrated with the fact that they have to keep filling in the same information when paying for their items. Having a digital wallet for your business helps keeps these customers from leaving your microsite in our Marketplace because they can enjoy the convenience of skipping most of the forms, streamlining the purchasing process, and saving the customer significant time. With their financial and personal data securely stored in the digital wallet you provide your customer, you will be more likely to see them return and purchase more in the future, building further revenue into your business.

Increase transaction security.

We use encryption to secure the financial and personal data stored on our servers, ensuring that no unauthorized transactions are made. Your account is also protected from being used in an unauthorized manner. For example, if your phone is lost or you believe your account has been hacked, you can go to your account settings online and revoke access to the account through the devices you have registered. A PIN code can even be added for use with our mobile app. The digital payment process has become one of the most secure ways to pay someone else and has more protection than traditional payment methods hackers and fraudsters have been able to compromise.

Streamline invoice and payment process by removing paper and steps from these tasks.

Rather than having to work from different standalone tools and platforms, you can enjoy an efficient system that includes project management, time tracking, estimates, invoices and payments in one dashboard that is easy to read and provides real-time information on what is outstanding and what has been paid so you can spend less time on these tasks and be better informed.